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Web3.0 Consulting
For Protocols


Project Management specialized in getting Protocols from Vision to Mainnet and Beyond with a focus on compliance with an ever-changing landscape.

Simplifying the process of going live and maintaining your protocol.

We work between the various teams & vendors involved in forming and maintaining your protocol; ensuring that your team understands the entire flow, documenting the steps, making your team more efficient, and saving you costs.

Project Management

We PM the non-technical formation of your protocol to free up your time to focus on the tech, fundraising, and partnerships

Clear Guidance

We act as a liaison between many stakeholders to optimize the time of everyone involved and ensure compliance

Structured Outcomes

We provide clarity and structure to the complex process and steps around founding a Decentralized Protocol

Steps We Support With


Structuring the Framework

-Define Project Plan
-Ensure White Paper is Compliant
-Adjustment of Tokenomics
includes cap-table
-Vesting Schedules
-Token Utility Defintion

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Due Diligence

Founding the DAO

-Support Formation of the DAO
-Founder Token Distribution
-Custodial On-Boarding
-Market Maker Selection
-Exchange Application


Launching the Protocol

Private/Public Sale
TestNet Launch Compliance
Mainnet Launch Compliance
Issuance of Tokens
Exchange Listing
Website / Copy / PR Adjustments

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Post Launch Support

Decentralizing following Launch

-Sunset traditional business structures
-Form Decentralized Governance
-Enable Community Voting and Decision Making
-Establish & Execute Community Incentive Model

How it Works

-An initial meeting to understand the project and it’s the current status
-Review your project and determine a customized scope to bring it from where it is to the end of the process
-Execute the plan on a weekly basis through Agile Project Management Best Practices
-Generate and Revise Protocol Documentation to ensure compliance and a successful project

Sample Documents Produced and Supported:

We produce* and support^ the production of documents together with you to save you time, costs and extraneous touchpoints.

  • White Paper^
  • Tokenomics*
  • Vesting Schedule*
  • Cap Table^
  • Token Utility Definition*^
  • Website Copy^
  • Investor Messaging*^
  • Custodial Applications^
  • Exchange Applications^
  • Market Maker Applications^
  • Formation Documents^
  • KYC Procedure for Founding^

Who We Are

We have experienced Web3.0 Professionals on the cutting edge of the digital economy with experience in launching Decentralized Apps under the current legal framework. We are uniquely positioned to work between researchers, developers, founders, investors, and legal experts to bring your protocol live as efficiently and securely as possible.


Noah Charak

10 Years Rev & Biz Operations Experience
Coached 50+ companies in Operations Best-Practices
Former Director of Rev Ops Consulting at Cremanski & Co.
Experience in developing and leading Global Teams
Expert in B2B SaaS Operations and Web3.0 GTM
Salesforce & Hubspot Certified Administrator


Noah supported in a variety of ways from strategizing our Go-To-Market Strategy to organizing the project management and deliverables during our formation. His ability to work between the different stakeholders enabled us to move quickly and effectively through the process. Something that we would have had a challenge doing without him.

Lasha Antadze  Co-Founder Rarify