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Go-To-Market Consulting
For Digital Teams


Taking a tailored approach that fits your teams every objective


Checkpoint is operational and can execute every recommendation we have

Full Stack Execution

Analysis of current performance and optimization of your sales cycle for continual growth

Custom Mentoring

Targeted coaching and support in the focus areas you need assistance in to make your team better

Tool Enablement

Improvement of your CRM System: Salesforce, Dynamics, Pipedrive, Freshsales, Hubspot, Zoho, Etc.

Areas of Expertise

Strategy Services

  • Highlight key problems and projects
  • Come up with data quality suggestions
  • Propose a Revenue Strategy
  • Provide input into your Sales Cycle structure
  • Conduct end-user interviews
  • Deep dive into the problems confronting your growth teams
  • Interviews to uncover any issues you may have missed
  • Analyze existing data to identify gaps in the process
  • Identify all issues and propose a path to improvement
  • Unlock your growth potential and take your business to the next level!
  • Identify opportunities that will improve customer experience and engagement
  • Utilize Customer Feedback to optimize the journey
  • Scope a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and preferences
  • Propose a new customer journey
  • Implement the new journey in the CRM with training and documentation
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Sales Services

  • Pipeline Review and Recommendations
  • Sales Process Audit
  • Inside Sales / AE Coaching
  • Sales Team Lead Coaching
  • Tailor-made coaching solutions to help your Sales Team improve their performance
  • Comprehensive data-driven approach to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies
  • Supportive team environment to help SDRs increase their confidence and motivation
  • Expert advice and best practices for sales managers to ensure successful coaching
  • Practical tools and resources to equip SDRs with the skills they need to succeed
  • Proven strategies to help SDRs achieve higher sales goals and close more deals
  • Customized strategies to target the right prospects
  • Generate high-quality leads through data-driven SDR services 
  • Enhanced lead capture and conversion rates 
  • Develop and implement campaigns to increase lead engagement
  • Focus on activities that drive revenue, not data entry
  • Reduce manual data entry and costly mistakes
  • Automatically access, update, and enrich customer data with the latest information from reliable sources
  • Dramatically improve the accuracy of CRM data and increase sales team efficiency
  • Get actionable insights to help you build better customer relationships 

Revenue Operations Services

  • Revenue Operations Best Practices
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Systems Analysis
  • Operations Coaching
  • CRM implementations for Hubspot and Salesforce
  • Many projects Building from scratch and optimizing existing systems
  • Utilize agile best practices for structured and transparent change-management
  • Comprehensive to ensure that your CRM system is built to meet your exact needs
  • Support and training to ensure that you and your team can make the most of your new system

Improve decision-making with accurate top-down and bottom-up forecasting and data analytics

Track financial performance with up-to-date P&L information

Improve your pipeline analytics with best-practices and insights

Analyze sales pipeline with powerful analytics
Optimize business performance with improved data analysis capabilities

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Marketing Coaching

  • Ad Channel Review
  • Spending Optimization
  • Messaging Strategy
  • SEO Recommendations
  • PR & Comms Strategy

How it Works

  • An initial meeting to understand the project and it’s the current status
  • Review your requirements and determine a customized scope to bring it from where it is to the end of the process
  • Execute the plan on a weekly basis through Agile Project Management Best Practices


Checkpoint is a valuable partner for Sales Consulting. Their work across a variety of business cases in B2B SaaS and expertise in Revenue Operations combine to provide an amazing amount of strategy for Small and Medium Business. I highly recommend working with them.

Mahan Shahi, RVP Germany Salesforce

We worked with Checkpoint on an advanced CRM Migration to Hubspot. After another partner left us with a failed project, Noah and the team stepped in to complete the project with a great deal of quality in a short amount of time. Without them, the project would have failed and we would have been on the line for a failed migration.

Harmeet Obhrai, Head of Revenue Operations SellerX

We engaged Noah on a variety of topics when we were between Revenue Operations Leads. They supported us in defining our Customer Journey, refining our lifecycle stages, forecasting our revenue, improving our reporting and enabling our Inside Sales Team. I couldn’t ask for a better partner!

Peter Gardus, VP of Marketing UXCam

We brought Noah in to work with us on Revenue Operations. From giving us structure in our Customer Journey, implementing it in the CRM, and coaching our team on inside sales best practices, he was an invaluable addition to our team during a hyper growth stage

Ba Khai Tran, VP of Growth Y42

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