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A comprehensive GTM analysis designed to help unlock your business's growth potential. Our experts use a methodical approach to deeply analyze your GTM process, including conducting interviews with growth teams, analyzing existing data, and identifying gaps in the process. We then propose a clear path forward to improvement to help your business reach the next level.

Analysis Structure:

  1. Intro to your Business
  2. Structured Interviews with your leaders and leaders
  3. Systems Walkthrough
  4. Tech Stack Analysis and Suggestions for Improvements
  5. Data Quality Audit
  6. GTM Review Scorecard
  7. Presentation of Findings with Next Steps for Key Projects


40 Consulting Hours

Three Weeks from Start to Presentation


-Summary of all Findings and Recommendations for improvements
-Outline of Recommendation for Next Steps with Key Projects
-Tech Stack Summary and Suggestions for Optimization
-Business Review Scorecard with benchmarks against other companies


Sample from Deliverables:

Checkpoint - GTM Analysis Example (5)
Checkpoint - GTM Analysis Example
Checkpoint - GTM Analysis Example (7)
Checkpoint - GTM Analysis Example (1)

Why work with Checkpoint:

Experienced consultants with a proven track record and over 30 years of combined experience working for the best companies in the US and EMEA
A comprehensive approach to GTM analysis based on hands-on experience
Give a clear path to improvement with ongoing support
Able to unlock growth potential for you to reach the next level

About Noah:



Noah Charak

10 Years Rev & Biz Operations Experience
Coached 50+ companies in Best-Practices
Former Dir. of Rev Ops Consulting at Cremanski & Co.
Experience in developing and leading Global Teams
Expert in B2B SaaS Operations and Web3.0 GTM
Salesforce & Hubspot Certified Administrator

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Our Offering:

  • One-off projects or provide hours every week in targeted support
  • Analyze current performance and optimize everything related to your Sales Team
  • Improve your CRM System and usage
  • Train and Coach your team on Sales Best Practices